Playground Sanitation


KEEP THEM SAFE FROM COVID-19.  Make Sure That Playgrounds Clean!

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind and with playgrounds reopening, addressing the cleaning of playgrounds and recreation areas is very important. This is an important measure to prevent the potential spread and further impact of the virus.

It is recommended that the cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for the prevention of COVID-19 in community settings. Playground equipment will need regular deep cleaning and sanitization routines, and Cavanagh Playgrounds are now offering a playground cleaning service.

We have tested several different types of cleaners and disinfectants on various playground surfaces, such as PVC, power coated steel and aluminium, plastic, rope, and rubber. We do not anticipate any issues with cleaners causing harm to Cavanagh Playground equipment and your warranty will remain in effect for its duration. Cavanagh Playgrounds use EPA-Approved products that are safe for both children and the environment.

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